Preciosa Atelier Bohemia – Embroiderer & Glassmaker

The Embroiderer and The Glassmaker are new product lines of PRECIOSA Crystal Components. Both are part of the inspirations Spring/Summer 2019 “Atelier Bohemia“.


The Embroiderer
Preciosa Bohemia Embroiderer
MC Pyramid (left), Seed Beads (right)

Still popular in modern Czech design, embroidery can be seen in the traditional dress. Popular in every region of Bohemia, where typically white linen blouses were lavishly embroidered and trimmed with lace. East Bohemia is known for its red embroidery on white, whereas the Central and Western regions tended to don white on white. South Bohemia, however, featured multi-colored embroidery, which were often sewn onto the blouses in elaborate patterns.

New product: Seed Beads

Seed BeadsThe Seed Beads are the result of five centuries of heritage and regional know-how passed from generation to generation. As striking or as subtle as intended, Seed Beads give any garment or accessory an interesting twist, from the couture catwalk to DIY embellishment.

The assortment of 270 variations of Seed Beads is comprised of 15 transparent colours with or without a silver line and 15 opaque colours, each of which is available in three sizes.


New shape: Pyramid MAXIMA

Pyramid MAXIMABoth high impact and high fashion, the foursided Pyramid-shaped flat back is chic, edgy and unique to the global market. Geometrically perfect, the MC Pyramid effortlessly enhances any textile, shoe or handbag design.

Available in one size (8 mm) in the colours Jet, Crystal and a range of coatings. The MC Pyramid flat back is part of the lead-free* MAXIMA product range and is suitable for gluing.

The Glassmaker
Preciosa Bohemia Glassmaker
Tea Rose Cabochons (left), Lamp Beads (right)

Bohemian families played a major role in the technological advancements of glassmaking throughout Central Europe. “Trade secrets” passed from father to eldest son for generations. In the 14th century, a special type of “Czech Gothic Glass” emerged. Characterized by its greenish colour, slender flutes or bulbous cups were decorated by molted-on spiral glass threads and tiny pearl-like glass balls. It became hugely fashionable and were exported not only to Germany, but even as far as France and Flanders.

Limited Edition: Tea Rose

Tea RoseInspired by local Bohemian flora, the Tea Rose cabochon is stunning in its simplicity and provides the perfect touch of nostalgic embellishment. Use it as a stand-alone statement jewelry piece or together as buttons. This cabochon is feminine and a springtime staple at the same time.

Available in one size (20 mm) as a loose stone or in settings with no loops, one loop or two loops, and in a sew-on button setting. The limited edition Tea Rose cabochon comes in the colours White or Jet with Coral.

Suitable application methods include gluing (no setting or in setting without loops) and sew-on.


New product: Lamp Beads

Lamp BeadsNamed after a special, time-honored technique called lampworking, PRECIOSA’s Lamp Beads represent centuries of acquired skill and glassmaking tradition. A regional specialty, each and every Lamp Bead is crafted by hand and gives whatever it adorns a uniquely authentic Bohemian touch.

The handmade Lamp Beads start with six basic shapes: Round, Pear, Olive, Tube, Oat and Rondelle. The beads come in 30 different sizes and endless range of colour and custom design combinations.


Further details about the new products can be found in PRECIOSA’s current product catalogue Atelier Bohemia.

As part of the new PRECIOSA crystal collection Atelier Bohemia, Spring/Summer 2019, the new products will be available at our online store soon, or on request by now.

* Materials contain 0,009 % (90 ppm) lead or lower
Copyright product text & images: © PRECIOSA, a.s.

27. February 2018

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