Preciosa Atelier Bohemia – Innovations 2019

The new product innovations of PRECIOSA Crystal Components, MC Pear and MC Chaton Spike MAXIMA Rivet, are part of the inspirations Spring/Summer 2019 “Atelier Bohemia“.

About Atelier Bohemia

By their newest innovations “Atelier Bohemia”, Preciosa represents time-honored craftsmanship and skill, passed down over hundreds of years from generation to generation, exquisitely reflected in each and every sparkling crystal.

MC Pear

MC MAXIMA PearPerfect for creating jewelry sets and intricate floral patterns, the Pear shape is a timehonored classic and has been a favourite of Europe’s aristocracies for centuries.

Available in four sizes, colours and coatings, including all platings for both sew-on settings and jewelry cups, MC Pear is now part of the lead-free* MAXIMA product range.


MC Chaton Spike MAXIMA Rivet

MC MAXIMA Spike RivetMC Chaton Spike MAXIMA Rivet is extremely durable and easily applied to a wide variety of materials, including leather. Its spiked surface is both bold and chic, and a perfect year-round embellishment.

Available in size ss29 and various colorus without foiling (MAXIMA Pure), as well as our selection of metallic coatings, the MC Chaton Spike Rivet is available in Gold and Silver platings. It is part our premium, lead-free* MAXIMA product range.

Read more about the processing and care instructions on following link “Preciosa Creations SS 2018 – Rivet“.

MC Chaton MAXIMA – new Nanosize colours

MC Chaton MAXIMA NanosizesPerfect for micro-pavé and an all-over dazzling effect, our MC Chaton MAXIMA Nanosizes are now even more versatile. With the addition of several vibrant new colours, these tiny stones are a luxury embellishment staple.

Get MC Chaton MAXIMA in existing nanosizes, pp0 and pp1, now come in an additional 33 colours.

MC Baguette MAXIMA – new Microsize

MC Baguette MAXIMAThe classic Baguette can be found in every designer’s repertoire, and rightfully so.

Ideal for watch dials and filling negative space created by larger stones, this microsize version of MC Baguette MAXIMA is truly a tiny treasure.

The lead-free* MC Baguette MAXIMA is now available in microsize 3 x 1 mm in three colours: Crystal, Jet and Light Peach.

MC Square MAXIMA – new Microsize

MC Square MAXIMANever out of style, the Square is one of, if not the most versatile stone shape, and absolutely essential for creating geometric patterns.

With the addition of a new microsizie, MC Square MAXIMA allows for even more design possibilities.

The lead-free* MC Square MAXIMA is now available in microsize 1.5 x 1.5mm in various colours and coatings.

MC Chaton MAXIMA – Mist Effect

Chaton MAXIMA Mist EffektMuch like beautifully weathered sea glass, the Mist effect gives each stone a hazy glow that artfully softens its visual impact.

Applied as a top coating, Mist is intriguing yet subtle, and an instant portfolio must-have.

The Mist effect can be applied in different colours and coatings for lead-free* MC Chaton MAXIMA.

MC Chaton MAXIMA – Icicle Effect

Chaton MAXIMA Icicle EffektEntirely unique to the worldwide market, our Icicle effect is applied as a bottom coating and creates a looking glass-like impact.

Seemingly three-dimensional, stones with the Icicle effect give the visual impression of added depth and are as captivating as they are beautiful.

The Icicle effect can be applied to various of coulors for the leadfree* MC Chaton MAXIMA product line from size ss4 to ss39.

Further details about the new products can be found in PRECIOSA’s current product catalogue Atelier Bohemia.

As part of the new PRECIOSA crystal collection Atelier Bohemia, Spring/Summer 2019, the new products will be available at our online store soon, or on request by now.

* Materials contain 0,009 % (90 ppm) lead or lower
Copyright product text & images: © PRECIOSA, a.s.

13. February 2018

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