Preciosa Atelier Bohemia – Jeweler

The Jeweler is a new product line of PRECIOSA Crystal Components. It is part of the inspirations Spring/Summer 2019 “Atelier Bohemia“.


The Jeweler
Preciosa Atelier Bohemia
Ivory Nanogems (left), Lavender Jade (right)

As throughout much of Europe, jewelry became popular in Bohemia during the 14th century, in the form of textile embellishment and ornamentation. Aristocratic dress was often embroidered with gold or decorated with golden plates and buttons. The first ever crown crafted by a goldsmith for a Bohemian ruler was made for King Charles IV in 1344. It was made of 22 carat gold and weighed nearly 2.5 kilograms. In it were 19 sapphires, six of which are still among the 10 biggest in the world, 44 spinels, 30 emeralds, 20 pearls and a single ruby.

New nanogem colour: Ivory

Nanogems IvoryIvory is silky and smooth, and flawlessly pure. Its opaque nature gives it a slightly richer hue than White, which pairs well will other soft colours and a variety of platings, making it an anticipated Spring/Summer star.

Ivory is now a new colour of the Nanogem, lead-free*, product line.


New nanogem colour: Lavender Jade

Nanogems Lavender JadeOne of the rarest of all jadeite colours, lavender is a highly sought-after gemstone variation by respected jewelers from all over the world. Lavender Jade is entirely unique in its opaqueness, and its soft, feminine hue makes it an easy choice for embellishing any springtime accessory.

Lavender Jade is now a new colour of the Nanogem, lead-free*, product line.


Further details about the new products can be found in PRECIOSA’s current product catalogue Atelier Bohemia.

As part of the new PRECIOSA crystal collection Atelier Bohemia, Spring/Summer 2019, the new products will be available at our online store soon, or on request by now.

* Materials contain 0,009 % (90 ppm) lead or lower
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6. March 2018

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