Preciosa Atelier Bohemia – Lacemaker & Cobbler

The Lacemaker and The Cobbler are new product lines of PRECIOSA Crystal Components. Both are part of the inspirations Spring/Summer 2019 “Atelier Bohemia“.


The Lacemaker
Preciosa Bohemia Lacemaker
MC Slim Navette (left), Light Gold Quartz (right)

Lacemaking in the Czech Republic can be traced back to the 16th century in North Bohemia’s Ore Mountains near the German border. The textile became popular among Bohemian aristocracy. Later, in the 17th century, Empress Marie Theresa declared lacemaking a free trade. She established the region’s first ever lacemaking schools, which are still in operation today.

New shape: Slim Navette MAXIMA

MC Slim Navette MaximaSlimmer than the classic Navette. This stone’s cat-eye shape is essential for ornate, leafy embellishments and is perfect for vibrant Spring/Summer motifs. From fashion jewelry to footwear, the MC Slim Navette MAXIMA adds a subtle touch of brilliance that elevates any warm weather-ready piece.

It is available in three sizes, (11×3 mm, 15×4 mm, 35×9.5 mm), nine colours, 18 coatings and all platings for both sew-on settings and jewelry cups. MC Slim Navette is part of the premium quality, lead-free* MAXIMA product range.


New colour: Light Gold Quartz

Light Gold QuartzLight Gold Quartz is an even more delicate version of its classic namesake. It radiates a pale neutral tone reminiscent of freshly uncorked Champagne. Crisp and pale, this trend colour is the ultimate in effortless refinement and an upcoming season staple.

Light Gold Quartz is now part of the Chaton MAXIMA, MC Chaton Rose MAXIMA and Fancy Stones product lines.


The Cobbler
Preciosa Bohemia Cobbler
MC Chaton Rose Mircosize

In the 13th century, the history of shoe-making in Bohemia emerged in Prague, where between the second half of the 14th century and the beginning of the 15th century lived nearly three hundred shoemakers. Among the most popular craftsmen alongside tailors, cobblers were well respected and could even become independently wealthy.

New microsize: MAXIMA Chaton Rose

MAXIMA Chaton RoseMC Chaton Rose MAXIMA microsizes open up a world of possibilities. The stones’ twelve facet cut makes them the most brilliant of any competing product available on the market, and a cross-segment essential.

Preciosa’s MC Chaton Rose MAXIMA in new mircosize, ss3, comes in 11 colours and five coatings. MC Chaton Rose MAXIMA in existing microsize, ss4, now comes in an additional 10 colours and four coatings.


Further details about the new products can be found in PRECIOSA’s current product catalogue Atelier Bohemia.

As part of the new PRECIOSA crystal collection Atelier Bohemia, Spring/Summer 2019, the new products will be available at our online store soon, or on request by now.

* Materials contain 0,009 % (90 ppm) lead or lower
Copyright product text & images: © PRECIOSA, a.s.

20. February 2018

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