Preciosa NEREID – Crystal Net

Crystal Net

Soft, light and flexible, PRECIOSA Crystal Components stunning Crystal Net, part of the Inspirations Autumn / Winter 2018-19, is the first innovation of its kind and literally covers whatever it touches in authentic Bohemian crystal.

Made with our premium quality, lead-free MC Chaton Rose MAXIMA hotfix stones, the Crystal Net comes in eight stone sizes, (ss 10 – ss 48), and our full range of colors and coatings.

The structure of the net consists of a white, black string or a mixed version, available as cotton or elastic material.

Crystal Net Rose

Crystal Net Rose

Loose Edges

Crystal Net Loose Edge

Looped Edges

Crystal Net Looped Edge

Crystal multi colours

Crystal Net Topaz

Crystal Net – Application

Due to its simple processing technology, a large number of applications in the high fashion fashion sector are possible. The application of the crystal net is made by sewing by hand or with a sewing machine or using the hotfix method.

Further details about the new products can be found in PRECIOSA’s current product catalogue NEREID Autumn/Winter 2018-19.

As part of the new PRECIOSA crystal collection NEREID Autumn/Winter 2018-19, now the Crystal Net is available at our online store or on request.

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