Swarovski® Crystal Inspirations 2019 – Adventure – Wanderlust

Adventure Swarovski Innovations SS 2019

Swarovski®s innovations ADVENTURE, Spring/Summer 2019, concentrates on the topic “Wanderlust“, a new generation’s desire for experience.

solo, raw, powerful, nomadic and natural

Away from the everyday and far from the crowd, life becomes richer and more in tune with nature.


A sparkling rainbow of youthful brights, such as new Crystal Lime, new Crystal Buttercup, Topaz and Crystal Light Coral, bring vibrant energy and freshness to the Freedom palette.

Jewellery: Materials, with tactile, timeworn surfaces contrasting with the brilliance of precious crystals.

Fashion: Worn jackets and jeans combine with free-flowing floral prairie dresses, while crystal-embellished blanket wraps and Spanish fringing highlight the romantic notions of the intrepid solo traveler.

Accessoires: Scuffed leather boots, cross-body bags, plus felt and broad-brimmed straw hats that offer protection from harsh environments, taking centre stage.

Interior: Natural and raw materials alongside sturdy organic shapes create a rustic atmosphere. Durability and functionality are key.

Find out more about the innovations in the Swarovski product catalogue Wanderlust, Spring/Summer 2019.

You can order the products of the ADVENTURE Collection at our online store soon.

Copyright Images/text: © Swarovski, a.s.

22. February 2018

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