Swarovski® Crystal Inspirations 2019 – Majestic Blue

Swarovski Majestic Blue

The new colour Majestic Blue by Swarovski, Inspirations Spring/Summer 2019, is a combination of intense cobalt blue and deep blue sapphire.

exclusive, privilege, indulgence, prestige and privacy are just a few

Exceeds all previously available shades of blue such as Sapphire (206), Capri Blue (243) and Cobalt (369).

Majestic Blue

This superbly pure blue has a deeper hue and more intense sparkle than any previous shade of blue. It’s a mesmerizing quality that makes it ideal for use in premium costume jewelry, statement timepieces, and high-end apparel and accessories, as well as for adding a touch of luxe to DIY projects, packaging and electronics.

Majestic Blue is particularly well suited to creating fashionable looks inspired by Swarovski’s Spring/Summer 2019 LEISURE, one of four product lines.

These vivid characteristics make it highly effective when creating bolder, fiercer and more eye-catching designs. Its colour is very stable, too, appearing unchanged across different articles and geometries. You’ll also find that, like any of Swarovski’s crystal colours, Majestic Blue stands up well to plating and soldering.

The new crystal colour is available now throughout the entire product range. Choose from: Round Stones,
Fancy Stones & Settings, Beads,
BeCharmed & Pavé, Pendants,
Flat Backs No Hotfix, Flat Backs Hotfix, Sew-on Articles, Transfers,
 Metal Trimmings and
Crystal Mesh, in sizes ranging from PP 3 up to 30mm.

Find out more about the innovations in the Swarovski product catalogue Wanderlust, Spring/Summer 2019.

You can order the products in Majestic Blue at our online store soon.

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19. March 2018

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