Swarovski® Crystalpixie™ Bubble – new nailsets

Crystal Pixie Bubble Nailsets

Swarovski® has extended its Crystalpixie™ range with a new Bubble version. The new nail sets are available in six trendy colours – from elegant City Chic to urban Street Star.

As a crystal blend inspired by Crystal Galuchat, the new Crystal Pixies are slightly more grippy than the very fine Petite crystals, but not as angular as Crystalpixie Edge.

The 3D Bubble optics is created by round crystals in three different sizes. You can recognize Crystalpixie Bubble by the rounded bottle top.

Create new unique nail design looks with the Crystalpixie™ Bubble nailboxes, e.g. Urban Kiss, or combine different sets.

Elisabeth Götzfried
Please visit our product website with the complete overview of all nail sets and many other inspirations:


Elisabeth Götzfried

Future Fantasy

Crystal Pixie Future Fantasy

Iridescent Crystal AB with dazzling and holographic silver accents

Urban Kiss

Crystal Pixie Urban Kiss

Modern rose gold with pink accents

Street Star

Crystal Pixie Street Star

Dark blue colour mix

City Chic

Crystal Pixie City Chic

Neutral silver and gray tones

Midnight Dream

Crystal Pixie Midnight Dream

Golden crystals

Feeling Wild

Crystal Pixie Feeling Wild

Gold with indigo colour accents

Packing content of the nail set

  • Transparent acrylic bottle with 5 grams Crystalpixie™ Bubble in 3 sizes
  • Funnel for transferring unused crystals
  • Usage & safety instructions

For usage instructions and safety instructions, please refer to the instruction leaflets of the Swarovski® Crystalpixie nail set.

You still need

  • Nail polish or gel varnish in the color of your choice
  • Clear coat or top coat for sealing
  • Small collecting container for the crystals, e.g. a glass
  • Cotton pads, nail polish remover, nail stencils, nail dryers as required

The new trend nail sets will be available soon at our Online Store.

Copyright images: © Swarovski, head visual: #104783660 © EkaterinaJurkova (fotolia)

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