Josef Bergs taken over Hillebrand jewelry metal production

Successful company history to be continued

Josef Bergs GmbH & Co. KG

Preserve knowledge and craftsmanship - essential parts of the Hillebrand GmbH metal collection will continue to produce by Josef Bergs.

In more than 60 years the company Hillebrand GmbH has produced many thousands of semi-finished metal products for the fashion jewellery industry as accessories for jewellery, technical parts, promotional items, decorative items and Christmas decorations. The Hillebrand company, founded in 1927 in Gablonz had to stop production at the end of 2019.

Josef Bergs GmbH & Co. KG has taken over the essential parts of the Hillebrand GmbH metal collection and will continue their production segment. The existing metal product and service range will be extended. In order to keep the previous quality standards, the tools and production machines were also transferred to Josef Bergs.

Metal Jewelry Collection

In particular, our business partner Josef Bergs will be available for various stamping and wire bending parts as well as for needleworks in the future.

Stamping & Finding parts

Various parts such as jewellery stampings, mounts, clasps, etc.

Stamping & Finding parts

Other models of bead caps etc.

Wire bending parts

Rings, loops, brackets and many other components


Various needles and pins

On the website of our partner Josef Bergs you will find more information about the acquisition of Hillebrand.

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