Welcome to St. Elsewhere

Welcome to St. Elsewhere

Preciosa Unveils AW 2019/20 Collection with Eerie High Tech-Inspired Campaign.

Preciosa Components released their latest assortment of seasonal novelties featuring several market firsts including the smallest twelve-facet chaton rose, the world’s most brilliantly cut chaton and two exquisite new coatings suitable for lost-wax casting.

Set in a remotely located, top secret research facility, Preciosa’s AW 2019/20 campaign, entitled St. Elsewhere, draws inspiration from the technology that created it. Cryptically, an intentionally unspecified location, St. Elsewhere takes viewers to a make-believe crystal testing site, where an unidentified host is exploring the institute’s latest prototypes.

AW 2019/20 Innovations: Crystal

  • Chaton Rose MAXIMA ss2
  • Pyramid MAXIMA FB 5mm, 12mm
  • Cup Chains with Chatons MAXIMA ss4.5
  • Royal Chaton MAXIMA
  • Dark Indigo
  • Vintage Rose
  • Crystal Peacock Green
  • Slim Baguette MAXIMA 2H
  • Button MAXIMA 2H
  • Brass Buttons: Star, Flower, Circle, Pinwheel
  • Chaton Rose MAXIMA ss3, ss4
  • Chaton Rose MAXIMA with bottom coatings: Bermuda Blue and Nightfall
  • Round Cabochon
  • Pyramid MAXIMA FB 8mm
  • Black Diamond

AW 2019/20 Innovations: Fine Jewelry Stones

  • Aurora Borealis (AB)
  • Radiance
  • Royal Chaton MAXIMA
  • Heart

Trends FW 2019/20

Molecular Matter

Preciosa Molecular Matter

Microscopes and petri dishes littered all about, we find ourselves in a darkened room illuminated only by faint rays of light dancing on whatever lies within them. With every turn of the head, a glimmer of something new catches our eye and draws us toward our imminent discovery…

Colorful Agents

Preciosa Colorful Agents

Appearing to change before our very eyes, the colors contained within the different test tubes begin to bubble and smoke. These unfamiliar formulas are foreboding but our intrigue is already piqued so we pick up the pair of tattered gloves and move forward to take a closer look…

Exemplary Config.

Preciosa Exemplary Configurations

Laser beams form a tangled web in what is otherwise a pitch-black room encasing three illuminated pedestals. Something shines brightly from the top of each one. We enter the room cautiously and approach the brightest, which intensifies as we draw nearer…

Startling Discoveries

Preciosa Startling Discoveries

This space feels just recently occupied. We see strange machines working almost on their own accord. They’re producing something, but what? We see hordes of small, glistening objects piled high on the far side of the room and immediately venture to explore…

Cultured Specimens

Preciosa Cultured Specimens

We sense something is living here; it’s almost audible. As we continue into the last chamber, we notice clusters of differently colored sparkling organisms scattered
about. Their beauty is radiating in every direction; we move to pick one up…

Image & Video Credits: © Preciosa PRECIOSA, a.s.